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Ziad Zakharia


At the age of 7, Ziad began to learn martial arts. By the time he was 18, Ziad was teaching Karate with his childhood friend Sam Battaglia. Ziad was motivated to return to school by his close lifelong friend Paul Fyfield. He completed his VCE at the age of 26 and went onto complete his Bachelor of Exercise Science and Psychology.

In 2001 he started working at the Frank Dando Sports Academy. With his own history in mind and his late recognition for the need of education, Ziad immediately realized this was his vocation and applied himself to the job with enthusiasm.

Ziad changed the school program to make it more appealing for troubled boys and thus was promoted to Vice –Principal of the school the following year. In 2003 Ziad started his master’s degree part time and dedicated his minor thesis to the school program. During the course of his employment at the school, Ziad won several world titles under the International Sports Karate Association, in the areas of weaponry, free forms, and full contact fighting. He has also been a voluntary and active Surf lifesaver with Life Saving Victoria for over 20 years. Ziad is also an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise and Sports scientist.