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Focusing on learning Math and English can have several benefits for troubled boys in academics. We have outlined these benefits below.

Improved academic performance:

Math and English are two of the most important subjects in academics, and being proficient in these subjects can lead to improved academic performance overall. When troubled boys are able to focus on these two subjects and develop their skills, they may see an improvement in their grades and overall academic success.

Increased confidence:

Mastering Math and English can also help troubled boys feel more confident in their academic abilities. As they gain knowledge and skills in these subjects, they may feel more capable of handling other academic challenges and be more willing to take on new academic opportunities.

Better communication skills:

English is the primary language of instruction in most academic settings, and being able to communicate effectively in this language is crucial for success. Additionally, Math often involves working with others, whether through group projects or peer-to-peer tutoring, which can help develop communication and teamwork skills.

Preparation for future opportunities:

Math and English are foundational skills that are essential for many careers and higher education opportunities. By focusing on these subjects, troubled boys can prepare themselves for future opportunities and increase their chances of success in the workforce or in college.

Overall, while there are certainly other important subjects that troubled boys should learn, focusing on Math and English can provide a solid foundation for academic success and future opportunities.

FDSA provided me with a strict & structured routine, something a normal school couldn’t do for kids like us. Motivated us to push ourselves physically & mentally. Life changer & very important chapter of my life.