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Our Approach

FDSA Behaviour modification focuses on an early intervention through intensive sports and outdoor education that is mentor/instructor dominant to change anti-social behaviour. The success through sporting achievements is then superimposed into their academic curriculum. Through methodological behaviourism, overt behaviours are modified with consequences, including positive and negative reinforcement contingencies. This increases desirable behaviour, or administering positive and negative rewards and/or extinction to reduce problematic behaviour.

Through daily interactions from our HEAL program (Health, Exercise and Academic Learning) teens begin to identify new ways of thinking and operating. With this new mindset, teens can find their footing so they can stand strong in the truth of who they are and what they can achieve and want to be.

Healthy Diet and Nutrition

There is one element of emotional, behavioural and mental health treatment that many parents, doctors and students overlook — healthy diet and nutrition. Many teens struggling with substance abuse and emotional/mental illness neglects their nutrition, but having a healthy diet is a major part of the HEAL process to better your child. FDSA, staff place a focus on nutrition, leading by example and consistent talks and educating the boys on healthy eating that ensures each teen receives and understands what a balanced meal can do to benefit not only their behaviour and physical health, but also their education and focus in a classroom setting and any future situation.

FDSA taught me how to take life into my own hands. Through discipline and determination, I became more motivated and confident about myself.