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The Frank Dando Sports Academy offers outdoor camps that can provide several physical, psychological, and academic benefits for adolescent boys which include the benefits outlined below.

Physical Benefits


The outdoor activities offered at the Frank Dando Sports Academy, such as bushwalking, canoeing, swimming and skiing can improve physical fitness and overall health.

physical activity:

Participating in outdoor activities can help to increase physical activity levels, which can improve cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of obesity, and increase overall fitness

motor skills:

Outdoor activities require fine motor skills and coordination, which can be improved through regular participation in such activities.

Exposure to
natural light:

Spending time outdoors can expose adolescents to natural light, which is important for regulating the body’s circadian rhythm and promoting good sleep.

Psychological Benefits

Reduced stress:

Being in a natural environment and engaging in physical activity can help to reduce stress levels and improve mood.

Improved self-esteem:

Successfully completing challenging outdoor activities can build a sense of accomplishment and improve self-esteem.

Increased resilience:

Outdoor activities provide opportunities to overcome challenges and build resilience. Adolescents can learn to persist through difficult situations and gain a sense of mastery and control.

Improved social skills:

The Frank Dando Sports Academy provides a social environment that encourages interaction and teamwork. Adolescents can learn to communicate, share, and support each other in a positive and safe setting.

Improved problem-solving skills:

Outdoor activities require problem-solving and decision-making skills, such as navigating a trail or choosing the best route down a river. Adolescents can learn to make decisions independently and develop critical thinking skills.

Academic Benefits


Outdoor activities can help adolescents improve their concentration and focus, which can support academic success.


Spending time outdoors and engaging in physical activity can improve memory and cognitive function, which can support academic performance.

Improved academic

By improving physical and mental health, building resilience, and developing critical thinking skills, adolescents may see improvements in academic performance.

Overall, participating in outdoor camps at the Frank Dando Sports Academy can provide a wide range of physical, psychological, and academic benefits for adolescent delinquent boys. By engaging in physical activity, building resilience, improving social skills, and connecting with nature, adolescents can develop a range of skills and positive habits that can help to support their overall well-being and lead to positive outcomes in their lives, including academic success.

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