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Frank Dando Sports Academy

We’re a Melbourne-based school focusing on educating bright boys aged 11 to 17 who face challenges in traditional academic settings.


At Frank Dando Sports Academy (FDSA), we understand that being a teenager today can be tough. We know that emotional, behavioural, and mental health challenges can impact a young person’s ability to succeed in school, stay out of trouble, and achieve their goals. That’s why we’ve created a unique and effective approach to help troubled adolescent boys find success and fulfillment.

Our sport-cantered therapeutic school focuses on early intervention and behaviour modification through intensive sports and outdoor education. Our experienced teachers, mentors and instructors work with each teen individually, using research-based clinical interventions and old-fashioned values to help them uncover their unique purpose in life and plan for the future.

Using researched-based clinical interventions and old fashion values, we help students untangle the issues they are facing in their lives and relationships. This starts by developing trust in their educational environment through sports, counselling sessions and outdoor education. When teens in the FDSA program recognize that they are surrounded by a team of adults committed to their success, they can begin their journey toward being better with social interaction, social behaviours, health and education as a whole.

FDSA taught me respect in all aspects, discipline, perseverance, comradery, loyalty & mental fortitude. To see the silver lining in hard situations & to be true to your word. All lessons that have made me who I am today.