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Shekhar Sinha


Shek is a highly motivated and dedicated educator with a decade of experience in the field of education. With a passion for both boxing and strength training, he has honed his skills and knowledge in these areas over the years. Beginning his boxing journey at the age of 18, Shek was fortunate enough to receive training from one of the world’s leading boxing and kickboxing coaches. This training, combined with his experience competing in the amateur boxing circuit and his strength training background, has given him a unique skill set that he brings to the classroom.

In addition to his work in schools, Shek is also a committed coach, working in a gym where he teaches both adults and children the fundamentals of boxing. He also runs a youth fitness program that provides children between the ages of 5 and 17 with an opportunity to stay active and healthy. With his infectious enthusiasm and his deep commitment to the health and well-being of his students, Shek is an exceptional teacher who inspires and motivates those around him.