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Sam Battaglia

School Manager & Teacher Aide

Sam started training in the martial arts from the age of 10 under the same instructors as Ziad. He started teaching Karate classes with Ziad in the late 1980s and established himself as a mentor due to his ease at which he communicated with students. Sam trained several kickboxing fighters in state and national competition. He has trained with some of the best Thai boxing trainers in Thailand over a five-year period and brings that discipline and dedication to the students.

In 2006 he was employed at the Frank Dando Sports Academy. Sam immediately took to the position of sports coach and applied himself to the job. Sam introduced different and engaging fitness program and a weight training program for the children at the school. Sam also works as a teacher’s aide under the supervision of the teaching staff at FDSA. Sam’s easy-going nature quickly proved popular with all the students and a quick rapport was established. Sam’s disposition meant the boys would trust Sam and he would quickly act to deter such behaviours without loss of trust.