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Sally Fyfield


Meet Sally, a multi-talented individual with a passion for sports and music. Growing up, Sally was active in riding horses, boxing, and kickboxing, and went on to develop her skills in swimming and gymnastics. She has competed at the state level and even internationally in open-water races, showcasing her dedication and drive to succeed. In 2014, Sally redevelopment FDSA’s swimming program, using her expertise to help others reach their full potential.

Sally has also dedicated a significant portion of her life to education, teaching for over 5 years in a mainstream school before returning to FDSA. Her love for sports did not diminish, and after retiring from competitive swimming, Sally was signed to the Casey Demons in the VFLW, showcasing her athletic prowess. In addition to her athletic achievements, Sally is also a talented singer and performs with her band, The Charltons, in her spare time. With her diverse range of interests and skills, Sally is a welcomed addition to the team.