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Paul Fyfield

Activities & Sports Manager

Paul started martial arts at the age of 14. From a young age Paul was dedicated to a healthy and active lifestyle. He went with the Physical Education department of the Western Australian University whilst studying his masters he went Nepal for several weeks, living and trekking through the Himalayans. He returned to study as a mature age student after experiencing the life in Australia and the world. Paul completed a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Physiology then a Post Graduate Degree in Education. In 1982 Paul was the first Australian to beat an American world Champion in Kickboxing. In the mid 80’s Paul worked at a special school for adolescents with behavioural problems.

Although Paul enjoyed the Job, he felt he was restrained with what he was able to do to help the children. During this period Paul was coaching several fighters. Paul trained some of Australia most well-known world champions in Kickboxing and Boxing. In 2002 Paul joined the team at the Frank Dando Sports Academy. He redeveloped the Math’s curriculum and motivates the boys in each of their daily activities and is a great mentor. Paul teaches and leads by example and believes that hard training, healthy eating, education, and self-discipline are a much better alternative than a life in the fast lane.