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Bhaskar Sinha

Bhaskar Sinha’s educational journey after high school, saw him pursue a double degree in Accounting and Banking & Finance at Monash University. His impressive academic journey led to his acceptance into the esteemed Telstra Graduate program in 2006. However, his talents and expertise were swiftly recognised, and he was headhunted to join PricewaterhouseCoopers. At PwC, he served as a dedicated management consultant focusing on Strategy and Customer Experience. His work brought him in close collaboration with C-suite executives across diverse sectors, including telecommunications, banking, government, and retail industries.

During his tenure in the corporate world, Bhaskar ventured into professional boxing, amassing five fights under the guidance of renowned coach Paul Fyfield.

Eventually, Bhaskar embarked on a new path, leaving PwC to establish his own consulting business and venture into international property investment. In 2013, he seized the opportunity to assume leadership of FightFit Boxing Centre, facing challenges, including dwindling revenue, a dissatisfied membership base, and rising operational costs. Bhaskar, alongside his partner, orchestrated a remarkable turnaround. Under their stewardship, FightFit grew from a modest enterprise with fewer than 200 members at a single location in a single country to a thriving community of over 1500 members across five sites in two different countries.

Bhaskar brings his experience in business and finance to FDSA to help its growth and future. He also opens the doors to FightFit to FDSA students every Saturday morning for those interested in boxing and fitness and allows the use of his facility to the whole school.